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        Yancheng Dingyi Food Co. , LTD. ,established in 1999,is a national Hi-Tec company producing kinds of whipping cream,chocolate,fruit flavour jams and some other baking materials.Now it has five world' s leading production lines.The factory is controlled strictly under the GMP Standards and SSOP Hygiene Regulatories,  every process is managed with informatization. Authorized by IS09001,HACCP and Food License, the products are sold to all provinces and cities all over China and exported to more than ten countries and regions in Southeast Asia, Middle Asia and Eastern Europe.

        Leaded by technology,the company is devoted to reform and innovation.lt has a strong R&D team which brings 46 Hi-Tec talented person together from the intemational food industries. It is the first company that developed non-hydrogenated whipping cream, prebiotics sugar-free whipping cream and distinctive low-sugar & hi-milkfat cream. It has a series of cream brand products such as"Dingyi”,“Lanbaoshi”,“Ningrui”,“Chaopin”"Ruipai” and "Lvsheng”,"Multiful Chocolate” and "Dingyi ”fruit flavour jams. 

        Dingyi has an excellent team of staff and it pays much attentio on company culture establishment and brands development. “Dingyi”,“Lanbaoshi” and “Ningrui” whipping cream are tittled as “Famous Brands of Jiangsu Province”; “Ningrui” and “Lanbaoshi”whipping cream has won the gold awards in the “First Baking Festival of China”.It also took part in the national  standard drafting works such as"Decorative cakes” and “Moon cakes”. The Govemment Tax Department crowned Dingyi as"A-Class Taxpayer” while ICBC appraised it as “AAA-Grade Credit Corporation".

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